The Carol MitchelL Chair in Menopause

The Carol MitchelL Chair in Menopause

“Your investment will broaden this critical research into the unique needs of menopausal women and allow worldwide expert, Dr. Wendy Wolfman, to mentor the most promising medical minds. Join us as we de-stigmatize menopause and support our sisters, daughters and future generations of Canadian women.”

Carol Mitchell

Where it all began -

With a drive and passion to fill a significant health-care gap in Canada and around the world, in 2015 Carol Mitchell came to Sinai Health Foundation with an idea to create Canada’s first Chair in Menopause. Her goal was to begin to normalize the conversation around menopause, destigmatize and address the unmet health-care needs of mature women. A taboo subject, the issue had received little to no attention or funding, so Mitch decided to take action. She believed it was time to elevate an expert and world leader in the field of menopause – Dr. Wendy Wolfman. With Mitch’s continued passion, advocacy and financial support, a community of loyal donors joined the effort to achieve a milestone $2-million goal. Matching all subsequent donations since then, this position is now endowed at $3 million and Mitch continues to be an integral part of this unfolding story. The Chair in Menopause supports research, fellowship training and mentorship for promising medical minds in this under-served specialty. Dr. Wendy Wolfman, a world-leading expert in mature women’s health, is the inaugural holder of the Carol Mitchell Chair in Menopause.

About Carol Mitchell

Carol Mitchell, or Mitch, as she’s affectionately known by many, is a trailblazing philanthropist and committed champion for women and the many overlooked issues surrounding menopause. Mitch’s generosity, passion and visionary support led to the creation of the Carol Mitchell Chair in Menopause at Sinai Health in 2015. To this day it is the only position of its kind in North America with the specific purpose of enabling clinical and academic advances in the field. Her incredible volunteerism, advocacy and philanthropy continues to galvanize the community and places her at the forefront of an effort to improve care and destigmatize this issue.

Professionally, Mitch has had a successful career providing high-quality investment advice to individuals and institutional investors for almost three decades. She is the Founder and CEO of iMaGiNe Wealth Management, an independent hedge fund company.

About Dr. Wendy Wolfman

Dr. Wolfman is the Director of the Menopause and The Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Clinics at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Toronto, board member and co-chair of the Education Committee of the International Menopause Society and Past President of the Canadian Menopause Society (CMS).  She has contributed to gynaecologic knowledge via her previous 10-year position as co-chair of the National Guideline Committee for Gynaecology for the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada (SOGC), her publications and national and international presentations. Most recently she oversaw the 2021 SOGC/CMS Guidelines for Menopause and participated in the 2022 Position Statement on Hormone Therapy for the North American Menopause Society.

In her role as the inaugural recipient of the Carol Mitchell Chair in Menopause, she has increased awareness and educated the medical community. To that end, she runs an annual course for over 500 physicians and other health professionals and lectures throughout the community to family practitioners.  

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It’s time to change the change.

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