Sinai Health’s vision for mature women’s health

Sinai Health’s vision for mature women’s health

Sinai Health has the expertise - and the necessary foundation to build on - to establish a world-leading centre, addressing all aspects of care and research.

Our internationally recognized Mature Women’s Health Program supports more than 2,500 women annually. Nowhere else does such a comprehensive clinical and academic program exist that addresses all the various needs of mature women:

  • Mature women’s health is a key strategic priority at Sinai Health. We are one of the only academic centres in the world to prioritize it in this way.
  • Ours is one of the only postgraduate fellowship programs in menopause in North America.
  • Our donors have helped establish North America’s only endowed clinical chair in menopause, the Carol Mitchell Chair in Menopause.
An urgent need to expand and increase services

We provide excellent care, but some of our clinics have wait lists over 12 months. And demand is rising. There is an urgent need to expand and accelerate our efforts on all fronts: clinical capacity, research, education and advocacy.

Our vision for a multidisciplinary and integrated centre

Phase 1: Establishing leadership and building clinical capacity – launched October 2022

During phase 1 we put in place the essential building blocks to ensure long-term success:

  • Hiring a world leader in the field to act as the Centre’s Director.
  • Expanding our fellowship program to build clinical capacity and train the next generation.
  • Engaging in public education and advocacy initiatives to build awareness and increase access across the community, province and country.

Phase 2: Enhance infrastructure, accelerate research and expand education - launched October 2023

Phase 2 will build on the momentum of the first phase.

  • Build an integrated, patient-centric space at Mount Sinai Hospital that will unite all clinics related to mature women’s health, thereby improving the patient experience.
  • Purchase state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics, imaging and treatment.
  • Improve medical education, mobilize research efforts and cultivate future leaders.

Phase 3: Sustain research and recruit future leaders.

The third and final phase will set our research program up for lasting success through strategic investment in core research operations and research chair positions.

  • Support core research operations.
  • Lay the foundation for long-term collaboration.
  • Establish first-of-their-kind Chairs in the emerging fields of mature women’s health.

It’s time to change the change.

Mature Women’s Health is a pressing global equity issue. Sinai Health’s Centre for Mature Women’s Health is working to support better research, knowledge, advocacy, and treatment for mature women. Contact us to learn how you can be part of this important work.