Centre for mature women’s health

When it comes to women’s health, we’re missing pieces – blanks yet to be filled, answers yet to be found.

Mature women’s health issues are underrepresented in care and research, leading to devastating impacts on individuals, families and society as a whole. Determined to address this health equity issue, Sinai Health Foundation has launched a bold new campaign to create the Centre for Mature Women’s Health at Mount Sinai Hospital. It will be the most comprehensive centre of its kind in the world, designed to address the full spectrum of health challenges that women face as they age.

The new centre will improve care and break down silos by bringing together all of Mount Sinai’s internationally recognized programs in menopause and mature women’s health. It will also be a hub for research, education and advocacy for mature women's health, with programs built to attract and train the world’s best and brightest. The work done at the centre will have national and international impact as we develop standards for care delivery and conduct research with global implications.

30-50% of women’s lifetimes are spent after menopause; 80% will experience symptoms; 20% of those symptoms will be severe.

The facts: Mature women’s health

It’s time we filled in the blanks around mature women’s health.

The latest from Sinai Health’s mature women’s health initiative.
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The latest from Sinai Health’s mature women’s health initiative.
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