Centre for mature women’s health

When it comes to women’s health, we’re missing pieces – blanks yet to be filled, answers yet to be found.

From perimenopause through menopause and post-menopause, mature women's health issues are underrepresented in care and research. This can lead to devastating impacts on individuals, families, and society as a whole. Determined to address this health equity issue, in 2022 Sinai Health Foundation announced the launch of a new fundraising campaign to create a world-leading, interdisciplinary Centre for Mature Women's Health to address the spectrum of health challenges that women face as they age. The new Centre will expand Mount Sinai Hospital's internationally recognized programs in mature women's health and bring together all clinical specialties in a single space to improve access to care and break down siloes.

In 2023, SHF announced that Phase One of the campaign behind the creation of the centre had been completed. This means the initial $15 million fund raising goal has been met, and the centre has appointed a Director, world renowned menopause expert Dr. Wendy Wolfman.

Phase Two, launched in October 2023, entails bringing together all existing clinics providing care to mature women and adding new areas of focus, ensuring specialized care will be provided for a broad spectrum of health issues that affect mature women. Once open, the centre will be a space tailored to its target patient population, with features designed to ensure comfort and ease. While patients at Sinai Health’s Centre for Mature Women’s Health will initially largely be GTA-based, the work done at the centre will have national and international impact, as it develops standards for care delivery and conducts research that has global implications. Boasting North America’s only Chair in Menopause, the centre also features an international fellowship program, one of the few menopause post-graduate fellowship programs in North America.

The continuation of Phase Two of the centre will include the development of a new, larger, integrated physical space, investment in state-of-the-art equipment, mobilization of research efforts, promotion of menopause in medical education, and cultivating future leaders. Finally, phase three will support core research operations, lay the foundation for long-term collaboration and establishing first-of-their-kind Chairs in emerging fields related to mature women's health.

30-50% of women’s lifetimes are spent after menopause; 80% will experience symptoms; 20% of those symptoms will be severe.

The facts: Mature women’s health

It’s time we filled in the blanks around mature women’s health.